Hoyle-Fox - Servicing

Although Hoyle Fox is renowned for the restoration work undertaken on the most exotic classic road and race Ferrari - the same craftsman can also undertake routine service work on all Ferrari - including the very latest roadcar models.

We have recently invested in all the latest SDX diagnostic equipment and our highly trained staff provide unmatched levels of expertise at prices which compare very favourably to main franchised dealer operations - which do not necessarily have the 40 years experience and passion we have for the Ferrari marque. Basically whether you want a routine service on your 430 or a cam belt change on your 308 GT4 - we would be delighted to assist.

A sample of typical service work we undertake on all Ferrari models:

  • 15K, 30K, 60K miles recommended minor and major services
  • Cam belt replacement
  • Engine rebuilding
  • Suspension and steering repair, upgrades and alignment
  • Windscreen replacement
  • Distributor and Carburettor and Fuel Injection set-up and service
  • Oil changes and lubrication
  • Transmissions and Clutch repair, replacement and upgrades
  • Wheel alignment and precision balancing
  • Instrument repair and calibration
  • Brake work including cylinder resleeving
  • Emission testing and adjustments